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        New Products 

        Every year, 3-5 new products are developed.

        We professionally produce different materials of flag fabric , such as 100%  polyester ( including spun polyester), 100% nylon, 100% cotton, T/C, etc.WidthS and specS vary. Welcome to  purchase.

        Seersucker Fabric for Children's Wear

        Seersucker fabric, pressured by 100% cotton, poly/cotton, 100% polyester fabric, is a good choice for Children's garment. It is breathable, sweat absorbent with stereo feeling. Both normal and broad width can be customized. Good choice for tank top, dress, pajamas, underwear, etc.

        Mesh PU Leather Fabric

        2013 Popolar Mesh PU Leather Fabric. Good choice for Car, Bag ,Garment, Home Textile, Sofa, etc.